Like other sports games, there are two main things that matter in racquetball: offense and defense. Offense is a series of moves initiated by one combatant to help him win the fight.

Defense on the other hand is the series of moves in reaction to the opponent’s offensive moves. The following are some tips on defense strategies.

Center court

In racquetball, the center court is the strongest position. In the center court, you are in control. If your opponent is occupying it, you are in a defensive position. You must strive to take it away.

Getting your opponent out of the center court can be done by hitting a ceiling shot or a pass shot. Stay out of the side walls at all times. Your opponent dominates the court if you are on the side walls.

Kill shot

The kill shot is hitting the ball low enough to the front wall without hitting the side walls. Done perfectly, this can make the ball bounce twice on the floor making it impossible to be returned.

The best way to do a kill shot is to hit the ball a couple of inches off the floor straight to the front wall.

Pass shot

In racquetball, the passing shot is one very good defensive shot. The reason is simple: Anyone can execute it, whether you are a pro or a beginner.

Hit the ball toward the front wall making it come as far away from your opponent as possible. Choose hitting it down the line or crosscourt.

Down the line means hitting the ball parallel to the sidewall and making it come straight back between the side wall and you.

A cross-court hit means hitting the ball against the side wall farthest from where you are. The ball will fly between your opponent and the sidewall.

To be considered a good defensive shot, slam the ball fast enough as you can muster. Make it go with such speed that your opponent’s slow reaction time will cause the ball to bounce twice before hitting the back wall.

The Z-ball shot

This is the shot that hits the front wall first, then one sidewall, and finally the other side wall and returns parallel with the back wall. The ball gathers enough spin as it hits the three walls.

Done correctly, the ball rolls alongside the back wall which makes it difficult for your opponent to return.

Around the world

Another defensive shot can be executed in times when you are out of position. This should be done with enough force.

Hit the ball hard enough into a side wall with enough momentum to rebound on the front wall and still have enough energy to hit the other sidewall as high as possible. The ball will bounce to the floor nearly behind the center court heading to the other back corner.

From there, it will make a second bounce after hitting the back corner wall.

Other defenses

There are other defensive moves done usually by the pros of the game. Some are combinations of these popular ones and some are variations.

Racquetball is like any other sport where the fun resides in the struggle between players. Of course, as everyone knows, the best defense is offense.

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